Business Permits

Select the type of permit that applies to your booth. You must agree to comply with the City Special Events By-law 2015-194. Check whether you concur or not. Print the Vendor’s Name and Your Name. Sign and Date the document. And mail it to us immediately with your portion of the fee for the Business Permit Fee.

You are to be working closely with your Vendor Coordinator to ensure that you are in compliance. You will need to show proof of all required documents to your Vendor Coordinator before arriving at the event, lest you arrive solely to discover that you cannot legally participate in the event…i.e., without proof of liability insurance which is to cover the City of Cornwall AND The Optimist Club of Cornwall, for instance.

Everything you need to know is in the document respective of your type of Vendor Booth (above). If you arrive here and fail the inspection, the Optimist Club of Cornwall is subject to getting a steep fine from the City of Cornwall. Of course, any fine on your behalf will be passed down to you. We run a good event. Everyone who’s participated in Cornwall Ribfest before knows this. If this if your first time, please know that you will be expected to adhere to the requirements outlined for your type of booth.

Thank you for your understanding and participation!