Food Vendors

Want to become a Food Vendor at Cornwall Ribfest?  Great.  It’s easy! Simply fill out the form below! Prices vary depending on booth size area.

The Basics

Name of person responsible for the booth
Company Name

Contact Info

Address of the business:

Size of Unit

The cost for a booth area size:

  • 10x10 area booth is $660
  • 10 wide (facing crowd) x 20 deep area booth is $735.
  • 20 wide (facing crowd) x 10 deep area booth is $785.
  • 20 x 20 area booth is $900
Areas cannot exceed 20 feet by 20 feet.

Water Needed
Electricity Needed

Note:  We do not supply food grade hoses or electrical power cords (CSA)  You need to supply your own.  100 to 150 feet is recommended to reach the electrical box. 

Amperage needed: please note that 20 amps is the base. Anything higher will encur an extra cost.
Products you are selling: Be Specific!

Terms and Conditions

Please initialize.  Put your initials in each box to confirm your understanding.

1. In order to secure your space, a deposit of $300 MUST be received either by mail or online by January 31st, 2018. If you've participated last year, and we receive your deposit by January 31st, you are eligible to retain same booth location or request a different location that's available on February 1st. (Location map will be provided).
Vendors will be accepted upon availability, on a first come, first served basis. If you happen to fill in a form and there is no longer room available, your deposit will be returned. Final Payment needs to be received by May 31st 2018. Any late payment will see a $50 penalty added for each week past due. Please note that exlusivity is NOT guaranteed to ANY participant.

2. Cornwall Ribfest does not supply any tents, fencing, chairs, electrical cords, hoses, etc. Food vendor must provide their own food grade water hoses.
2a. If the vendor uses water supplied by Cornwall Ribfest for any purpose, they also need to have a proper backwash valve to ensure gray water does not go back into the main water line shared by all vendors.
3. The largest booth size rented is 20x20. Anything exceeding this size must be treated as two separate booths and separated by 10 feet in between.
4. A security deposit of $100 in the form of a cheque to be held in trust and dated July 26th, 2018 is to be given. This cheque will be returned to you before your departure from the park after someone inspects your space for damages.
5. It is the exclusive responsibility of the vendor to make sure they are compliant with municipal/provincial/federal licensing, laws and bylaws. This includes but is not limited to: EOHU, the Fire Department and The city of Cornwall. A list specific to your business category will be provided to you by the Vendor Coordinator. Vendor will also provide event organiser with a proof of insurance coverage no later than 30 days before the event 's setup.
Business Permits. All vendors who will be selling product or service during the event, require a business license permit. If you will be selling but do not already have a business permit from the City of Cornwall, one will be obtained for you to participate, through us. The procedure for events in the City of Cornwall, under the Special Events By-Law approved by council in December 2015, the Ribfest organizer obtains an umbrella business license and is responsible for ensuring that all vendors are in accordance with said by-laws. We will answer to the City on your behalf, ensuring them that you have proper insurance, etc., and during the City's inspection, it will be confirmed that you are in accordance with the by-laws. Your vendor fee is $50 for this permit. If you are not selling anything (ie., an informational booth), the fee is waivered.
6. Failure to show compliance to the aforementioned will result in forteiture of your vendor space and any monies already paid will be lost. No refund will be issued.
7. Cancellations are accepted until May 26th. Your deposit will be promptly returned if you cancel before this date. Any vendor who cancels after the deadline will forfeit their deposit.
8. Setup starts on Monday July 23. Your designated area will be shown to you upon your arrival. You must be setup and ready for inspection before July 26th, 9am. Any non-essential vehicles must be off the premises also by that time and remain off the site during official Ribfest hours.
9. Booths must be staffed at all times during the Ribfest's operating hours and booth area must be clean and free of debris. Garbage must be disposed of only in designated areas and placed in appropriate containers.
10. There is security at Cornwall Ribfest, especially during evening and overnight hours. However, vendors must be vigilant. Cornwall Ribfest, the Optimist Club of Cornwall and / or the City of Cornwall cannot be held liable for any injury, loss or damage that may occur to the vendor, his employees or his property prior to, during or post Ribfest Event. The vendor explicitly an implicitly releases all the above forementionned from any occurence or claim from such loss, damage or injury.

Final steps

Make cheque payable to: The Optimist Club of Cornwall
By typing your full name in the field below, you hereby agree to ther terms and conditions fo this contract.
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9. Booths must be staffed at all times during the Ribfest's operating hours and booth area must be clean and free of debris. Garbage must be disposed of only in designated areas and placed in appropriate containers.(1)

*Food Vendors are accepted on a first come, first served basis.

Check back again soon!